John Waters is a journalist, writer and playwright. He wrote for «The Irish Times», the most important Irish newspaper and for «The Irish Post». He also writes for the website First Things. Daniele Barale interviewed him for The Debater.

On May 25, citizens of the Republic of Ireland will be called to express themselves on the removal of the eighth amendment in Article 40 of the Constitution.


Why is this amendment important?


Article 40.3.3 is the expression in the Irish Constitution of the most fundamental right of the child in the womb. It does not extend or confer the right to life, but simply – in the language of the article – ‘acknowledges’ its existence as an eternal, indestructible reality. The referendum is therefore fraudulent, just as it would have been fraudulent for the Nazis to hold a referendum on the right to life of gipsies or Jews. Not even the Nazis did that, but we – the gallant Irish – are doing it here. In this referendum, therefore, we are assuming the position of God, taking His authority to ourselves. Of course, it is possible to see where this will lead, but the Irish have now become so hypnotised by the propaganda being pumped out by our deeply corrupt media that many among us are incapable of thinking anymore.


What could happen if it was repealed?


The entire exercise is fraudulent, like the act of a confidence trickster seeking to get a pensioner to sign over her home by pretending he is offering her a contract to redecorate it. The replacement wording (‘Provision may be made by law for the regulation of the termination of pregnancy’) – because it will appear in the Fundamental Rights section of the Constitution – will, if passed, create a fundamental right to abortion – for the very first time anywhere in the world. This means that all the statutory limits being purveyed by our government will come to nothing the very first time a legal challenge is taken against any limit or restriction on total abortion in Ireland. This is what out the government of criminals actually wants, although it is seeking to hide behind ‘hard cases’ – rape etc. – to conceal its true intention.



Who is in favour of the repeal of the 8th amendment? Because they want this, what do they have in mind?


This is part of an ideological programme to alter the very nature of human culture and human understanding. It is being pushed by he same global ideologues who three years ago bullied Ireland into destroying its definition of the family so that, now, a “family’ can be two men and someone else’s child. What they want is to destroy every normative understanding of the human being in the world as a spiritual entity, and every remnant of our sen of the human family as a sacred institution, replacing these understandings with an entire materialist concept, entirely amenable to science and ideology.


The front in defence of life by whom it is represented? Are Catholics contributing to the battle?


This time it is mainly a secular initiative. With some of the wonderful exceptions, the Catholic Church and its personnel have retreated, as it did in 2015 also. Of course, many Catholics are fighting, but as themselves rather than as representatives of their church. One senior bishop asked about the coming visit of the pope to Ireland (this August), and whether it might be problematic in the event that abortion becomes permissible here, replied: ‘The pope has been in lots of countries where abortion already exists’. So, abortion is not a problem, even for the pope? A body called the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), for example, which represents ordinary priests, made a statement three weeks ago condemning the fact that anti-amendment speakers were allowed to address congregations in a number – a very small number – of churches. This is monstrous and indicative of a deep malaise in the Church, characterised by cowardice and the growth of ideological radicalism among priests and some bishops. All kinds of excuses are offered for this behaviour, but at the end of the day the very best you can of it is that it is indistinguishable from cowardice. 


Google, Youtube and Facebook are censoring them and compromising any debate around the referendum: why do they perform such a tyrannical act?


Because they are totalitarian of their very nature and it is time the world woke up to this. We in Irland are very exposed to this totalitarianism because Ireland is really nowadays a corporatocracy, entirely dependent on transnational tax-dodging corporations, who come to Dublin to avail of our indecent tax regime and immediately start to ell our government what they would like it to do with our laws and our culture.


This problem and the vicissitudes of the children Charlie Gard, Isaiah Haastrup and Alfie Evans are arousing more consciences, making it clear that it is necessary to stop abortion, euthanasia etc, because they are among the pillars of the culture of death spread by multinationals, from some UN agencies, from NGOs like Amnesty International, from foundations like Open Society of George Soros, to destroy man?


I have been speaking about Alfie around Ireland for several weeks now. This same thing has happened several times in recent years in the UK, and also in Ireland. But really this is merely a preparatory stage – getting public opinion ready for what is to happen, which is the total arrogation of power over human life by the state to itself. Unless we begin to awaken, this is the future: a place where the state alone will decide how long the human person will live, and in what circumstances his or her life will be deemed worth living. The courts and the medical profession will assume the place of God, fulfilling C.S. Lewis’s prophecy that, when God is abolished, He is never replaced by all men, but by a few men. This is where tyranny begins. 


Therefore, in Ireland, is the front for the custody of life making a fundamental battle for the good of all Europeans? (A battle of civilization…


Yes, this could be the final frontier. Certainly, it is so for Ireland. If the amendment is passed, the Ireland I grew up in will be gone forever. We will need to reconfigure our entire perspectives on the reality we see before our eyes, because that smoke on the horizon may well be the smoke of burning human flesh. As for Europe, we are making a last-ditch attempt to save Europe from its own mendacity and stupidity. Europe is already committing suicide: if you draw one graph of each European country’s abortion rate and another of its demographic collapse, you will find that, in each case, the two graphs follow the same trajectory. Europe is committing suicide while calling the process progress. Progress towards what? The Grave. That is all. Our civilisation is as the twin towers on 9/11, already struck by the planes, burning and tottering, waiting to collapse in a cloud of dust.